Infinity Plus One



In the tradition of Shel Silverstein, Jim Henson and Pixar, Infinity Plus One is a universal message folded into an album of sophisticated, deep and funky music. This shining constellation of songs spans stories of a moth flying to the moon on “Glimmer” and a girl building an infinite luck machine powered by “Lucktricity”. There is a boy accessing the multiverse through the never-ending reflections of 2 mirrors facing each other on “My First Multiverse” and an exploration into the intergalactic destiny of Carl Sagan’s famous Gold Record on “Tastes Like Space”. Working with the cream of the crop in Asheville, NC’s legendarily eccentric music scene, 23 Skidoo wrapped funk guitar, bass, and drums together with a full brass section, harp, vibraphone, organs, synths and strings, then added some super soulful hooks and fed it all through the minds of a master DJ, a world class beatboxer, and a couple of drum machines. This album is more family music than kids music as it’s meant to be listened to with the whole crew.