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“Family music has expanded a bit since Pete Seeger and Ella Jenkins recorded folk songs for kids on the venerable Smithsonian Folkways label. Many subgenres — jazz, polka, Latino — … Continued

Time Magazine

“At a hot new club in Brooklyn, the walls are throbbing, rocked by a blaring hip-hop band, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, one of six acts in the day’s lineup, which … Continued


“Every time I listen to a Secret Agent 23 Skidoo album the same question runs through my mind: Why isn’t anyone else doing this? Not the kids’ hip-hop thing — … Continued

USA Today

“The kid-hop artist, who has performed with Run-DMC and Mos Def, delves into the world of make-believe with his fourth album. Blending traditional hip-hop with garage rock and classic R&B … Continued

The Washington Post

“Musician Secret Agent 23 Skidoo calls his music “kid-hop,” or hip-hop for kids. With screeching horns, strong rhythms, clever, positive rhymes and kid guest rappers, this super-energized album will get … Continued