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Secret Agent 23 Skidoo  

Date City Venue Country
03/12/17 Tampa, Florida Glazer Childrens’ Museum United States
Time: 12:00pm.
03/18/17 Tryon, North Carolina Tryon Super Saturday Festival United States
03/18/17 Asheville, North Carolina The Orange Peel United States
Time: 2:30pm. Admission: $10. This is the ALBUM RELEASE PARTY for a new collaboration EP with the Asheville Symphony! It’s a full band show with BBoys rocking insane dance moves, Ice Cream from The Hop, and if you pay $15 instead of $10 to get in, you get the CD, too!!!
03/26/17 Longview, Washington Columbia Theatre United States
Time: 2:00pm.
04/01/17 - 04/02/17 San Antonio, Texas SeaWorld United States
04/08/17 Blacksburg, Virginia Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech United States
Time: 2:30pm. Full band show with BBoys rocking mindblowing dance moves and everything! Woot woot!!
04/13/17 Red Wing, Minnesota Sheldon Theatre United States
Time: 7:00pm.
05/25/17 - 05/27/17 Calgary, Alberta Calgary International Childrens’ Festival Canada
We’ll be teaching a rhyme writing workshop on Thursday, and then rocking theater shows on the Friday and Saturday! BBoys included, full on rhyme flowing, breakdancing awesomeness!!

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