family hip hop with a solid gold soul



"With positive, relatable songs, he has fast become a favorite of kidie radio hosts and venue bookers around the U.S"

USA Today

"Through his music, he empowers kids to be themselves"


"Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has married the complex beats of hip-hop with the magical world of kids."


"Nobody is making better "Kid-Hop" than Secret Agent 23 Skidoo."

Washington Post

"Secret Agent 23 Skidoo will leave parents still skeptical of the genre powerless to resist."


"This is music that both kids and adults can equally enjoy."


"Once you get over wishing your family was a cool as Secret Agent 23 Skidoo's, you and your kids will fall in love with his feel-good hip-hop and dance to his beats."

School Library Journal

"The absolute best Kid Hop!"

Time Out Chicago

"The baddest (and by that I mean good) beat-maker/rapper known as Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is also the finest, freshest artist of the family music movement. Hip-hop at its finest."

LA Parent

"Combining witty lyrics and funky rhythms into something smart yet fun is a totally successful musical mission for Secret Agent 23 Skidoo."


"Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has fashioned music that is rare in a number of positive ways. His fun, clever raps about growing up smartly address issues for the often-overlooked preteen crowd. This Secret Agent has a special talent for creating raps that relate to kids approaching their teen years."

Cookie Magazine

"The songs radiate positivity, promoting self-esteem and curiosity... so masterfully delivered that it doesn't feel the least bit corny. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has set a new bar for the genre."

Celebrity Parent Magazine

"His lyrics are interesting and have positive messages of self confidence and empowerment for all kids. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is changing the face of rap music for young kids. We can't wait to see what he brings to the stage next."
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“Family music has expanded a bit since Pete Seeger and Ella Jenkins recorded folk songs for kids on the venerable Smithsonian Folkways label. Many subgenres — jazz, polka, Latino — are increasingly available to tickle the ears of the preschool set.

Hip-hop for kids is no exception, and nobody is making better “kid-hop” than North Carolina musician Secret Agent 23 Skidoo…”

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Time Magazine

“At a hot new club in Brooklyn, the walls are throbbing, rocked by a blaring hip-hop band, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, one of six acts in the day’s lineup, which runs from punk to pop. If not for the high-pitched roar of the crowd — and the fact that many of the fans are under 4 ft. (120 cm) tall — this jamathon could easily be mistaken for any of the blissed-out shows I attended in my 20s…”

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“Every time I listen to a Secret Agent 23 Skidoo album the same question runs through my mind: Why isn’t anyone else doing this?

Not the kids’ hip-hop thing — there are a number of artists mixing beats and rhymes and some of them are pretty good. No, I’m talking about something a little more specific, namely hip-hop for kids who have kindergarten in their rearview mirror…”

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USA Today

“The kid-hop artist, who has performed with Run-DMC and Mos Def, delves into the world of make-believe with his fourth album. Blending traditional hip-hop with garage rock and classic R&B influences, he encourages kids to embrace individuality. “Through his music, he empowers kids to be themselves,” says Thomas…”

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Washington Post

“Musician Secret Agent 23 Skidoo calls his music “kid-hop,” or hip-hop for kids. With screeching horns, strong rhythms, clever, positive rhymes and kid guest rappers, this super-energized album will get your head boppin’! …”

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